Legal Aid Clients

People with a low income may be entitled to legal aid. You may qualify for legal aid if your income is below €36,100 a year – but you will still be asked to make a small contribution towards your legal costs. We will discuss this with you at your first appointment. If you think you might qualify for legal aid, please bring your BSN-number (tax number), your passport, an up-to-date tax return or other proof of income with you.


Hourly Rates

If you are not entitled to legal aid, Spuistraat 10 Advocaten offers extremely competitive hourly fees. We believe in transparency and openness. At your first appointment, we will discuss the likely cost of your case – as well as any extra costs that you may incur. And we will bill you regularly so you can keep on top of the situation. Once your case has been completed, you will receive a complete overview of the costs. Every financial transaction will be confirmed in writing so you can be sure you will not face any hidden charges.

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